Making Buying Medical Supplies and Equipment Easy for Filipinos

Shopping online is the new normal for most Filipinos. With most pre-purchase decisions done during internet searches and instant messaging exchanges, consumers have total control over who they buy from, at what price they’ll buy and how they go about the transactions. Businesses who act on the fast-changing digital and mobile-first consumer experiences are the ones that have a greater advantage.

According to a February 2018 report by, “Filipino consumers as of end-2017 spent around $2.16 billion shopping online. Bulk of these, or $642.6 million, were for travel expenses while $543 million went to electronic goods. The smallest amount was for digital music, at $12.9 million. There were 33.8 million Filipinos who bought goods online in 2017 versus 30.3 million in 2016, according to We are Social.’

Purchasing medical supplies and equipment for your clinic, hospital or home care needs is a major expense. It is critical for your to work with a trusted and dependable supplier who can help you manage your inventory, secure warranties, and help you manage costs.

Our new mobile responsive e-commerce enabled website, incorporates the traditional brick-and-mortar and wholesale supplier experience with 21st century digital, connected technology. As part of our growth initiative, we make shopping for medical supplies: surgical & other devices, instruments, accessories and equipment fast and convenient for our customers.


According to a 2016 eMarketer report, the projected number of mobile and smartphone users in the Philippines will reach over 75M in 2020. This unprecedented growth in mobile-first technology poses a huge challenge for healthcare service providers to engage and service patients using online tools and applications.

Customers want to be sure that what they are buying meets their needs. We provide photos and product specifications up to the SKU level to ensure that our customers only receive the exact products they need. To make it easier for our customers to select the right medical devices, equipment and supplies, our online product catalogs are properly categorized for every type of medical and healthcare need.

Our customers are medical doctors, hospitals, clinics and specialty home healthcare service providers and long-term care facilities. We offer purchasing and procurement  managers and small private practice owners the convenience of having access to a range of healthcare consumables and other laboratory and clinical supplies.

The effort to push for advancement not only happens before our products reach the market. Along with our clients who are healthcare professionals and institutions, our company takes on the challenge of providing unique and delightful patient and care-giver experiences--by promising high-quality products and delivering nothing but excellent service whether online or offline.


What To Look For In Medical Supplies and Equipment Vendor


Medical supplies and equipment make up a major portion of health care costs. It is critical for healthcare and home health care service providers to be able to select, acquire and replenish medical supplies and procure equipment in a timely manner and reduce unnecessary costs due to delay.       

Medical Supplies are items that need to be replaced or replenished regularly. Examples of consumable medical supplies are: disposables and single use items, reusable items or items that have a short lifespan. Supplies are generally, but not always disposable. Supplies that are intended and designed for repeat use are limited for use by a single individual and can be purchased over-the-counter (without prescription)

Medical Equipment are durable pieces that have a longer lifespan (beds, cabinets, IV stands, bed pans, chairs, etc.)                           

In today’s hyper-connected economy, consumer information is readily available online and can be accessed using hand-held devices. The challenge that patients (and consumers in general) face is the reliability of information found online. Selecting supplies and medical equipment can prove to be tedious. When considering to buy, assess the needThink about the reason for considering the purchase.

Don’t replace medical equipment like you would when choosing to upgrade your TV. The right time to replace or acquire a new piece of medical equipment is if it has reached its useful life or if the equipment and its spare parts have gone obsolete    

Product compatibility and suitability oftentimes cause wasted hospital and healthcare procurement resources. In order to solve this problem, medical equipment and supplies websites need to be able to:                       

     Guide customers early on by providing need-matching information to help them decide on the right products.   

     Present an organized and standardized list of supplies and equipment to help procurement officers manage inventories and identify needs early.

     Help manage the order-to-fulfillment process in an easy, seamless manner         

     Equip hospital procurement, decision-makers and patients with helpful resources and product information to help them make the best possible purchase decision.

You get what you pay for. And health isn’t something to compromise. While higher quality supplies and medical equipment aren’t always pricey, they tend to be more expensive than the average or the low-quality versions. Think about it. Getting a pricier piece of equipment or supply may seem painful, but imagine the tremendous inconvenience of replacing and repairing frequently-defective products.

When choosing the right medical supply and equipment supplier, consider their track record. Don’t just rely on the best price offered. You may do well to research who they serve, what their customers say, who is on their team, what certifications and accreditations they have and then work out a pricing structure that will give you not just a short-term price break but long-term peace-of-mind.

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